While She Sleeps, Cologne Vinegar Factory, 23.02.2019

While She Sleeps

“You Are We”, the latest album by While She Sleeps, quickly became one Scene classic and was certainly not only at my top in the top list of the year 2017. Accordingly disappointed were the fans as the five boys so that not as a headliner came to us in the vicinity. Two years later, the follow-up “So What” is about to be released and While She Sleeps finally appear again as the main act. The band has already released three songs that suggest that the album is thematically related to its predecessor. Many musicians in the scene use their reach to draw attention to the current problems in the world. And so on Saturday night, the audience should not only be stimulated by While She Sleeps to think.

The Sheffielders set two statements right at the beginning with the opener “ANTI-SOCIAL”: They are unhappy with the world situation and are here all the same. Stray From The Path, 5420 kilometers away from New York, also represents the same attitude. Singer Andrew Di Jorio enters the stage with peach-colored hair and first of all makes it clear that he and his bandmates are against racism and other hostilities. Each song revolves around just that and was presented with energy. Not only the lyrics, but also musically the group can best be described as Rage Against The Machine of our genre. This was well received by the audience: exited moshpits, several crowdsurfers and fast paced circle pits characterized the set.

Of course it was helpful that the crowd could warm up well with the first band of the evening. LANDMVRKS from Marseille had modern metalcore with fresh post-hardcore elements in store. They perfectly complemented the line-up. Regardless of the just half filled vinegar factory, the mood was as good as a headliner show. Hopefully the four Frenchmen will return to Germany soon for more than just 6 songs.

But back to the main act. Fans who missed a “You Are We” tour got their money’s worth at this concert. While She Sleeps put the focus on their hit album and made their attitude with 6 songs clear: they have had enough of a society where wars rule and countries that are characterized by ignorance and manipulation, in which one feels powerless and nothing changes.

The atmosphere was aggressive. The vocals of guitarist Mat Welsh and bassist Aaron Mckenzie were harsh and loud. Compared to the support show at Architects 2018, significantly fewer backing vocals were used. This made the songs more real and emotional. It did not bother that frontman Lawrence Taylor is not the best singer live. Loz is simply a heart-sympathetic person. He completely lost himself in the songs, indulging in the music and captivating the entire audience. Despite the angry mood of the songs, the band enjoyed the fun of a live performance. The musicians grinned between their cheeks and made eye contact with the audience again and again.

The mood on Metalcore concerts, however, can also be soulful: band and audience sang together the intro of “Four Walls” while the vinegar factory of Mobile annals and lighters was enlightened. Pure goose bumps. Of course, the classic “Seven Hills”, where the hall turned into a sea of ​​crowdsurfers, could not be missed. Also the newest songs “HAUNT ME” and “THE GUILTY PARTY” found a place in the set. While She Sleeps do not rest on their success with “You Are We”, but prove again brilliant ingenuity. Their fans showed themselves to be textsafe and the general anticipation of “So What” made the mood for the whole evening cook.

The performance ended with Loz “surfing” to the mixing desk, where he climbed onto a scaffolding above the audience and to fall into the crowd, as one knows from him. It is to be hoped that the message of the evening together with the visitors left the vinegar factory and While She Sleeps and dozens of other bands can still change the basic attitude of many people with their music.

The rights to the photo are with Lucie Kreß

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