Underoath – Erase Me

Underoath - Erase Me

By now, it almost seems like a compulsory PR gag of post-hardcore bands, settling for two or three Year “to dissolve”, then only with live shows and a little later return with a new album. Just look at At The Drive In, Thrice and now the once-Christian sextet Underoath. “Erase Me” is the name of the eighth long player to drummer and Clean singer Aaron Gillespie and frontman Spencer Chamberlain. In her almost three-year break from 2013 to 2015, the band seems to have changed a bit in addition to the open Christian orientation.

The work begins with “It Has To Be Strong Somewhere”, however, with a usual hard – and strong – post-hardcore cracker. Already the second track “Rapture” sounds a lot shallower and more like the Pop-Metalcore, which Bring Me The Horizon had made big with her last album “That’s The Spirit” than after a hardcore-board. Here, after just a few seconds, Underoath, unlike his British counterparts, is very good at mixing a lot of melody with heaviness. For example, “Wake Me” in his verses also sounds like Weezer’s surfer boys, without the sound of being too set.

In the course of “Erase Me”, more hymnic, often very fatly-produced pieces alternate with each other noisy and brisk numbers from. “Sink With You” belongs to the latter category and tightens the tempo to the middle of the nearly 40-minute work, just to let go of the listener in his chaotic outro reef monster à la Northlane. “No Frame”, on the other hand, can also be assigned to the former side, seems almost experimental with its jumbled synth licks and its electronic drum beats, but gets a little bit more dirty at the end.

Underoath are back, they are finally allowed to play take the F-word in the mouth – although some fans still do not really want to get along – and are still probably among the most relevant artists of post-hardcore. The fact that you no longer identify as a Christian band seems to have solved some blockages in terms of creativity. For example, tracks like the epic Closer “I Gave Up” with its piano stanza and emotionally touching abysses before the reunion would have been unimaginable. “Erase Me” is not a scene milestone, but quite a nice pastime, the fun and stuck in the head. Whether the theater with the band break would have been so necessary, remains questionable. Perhaps one has realized that a detachment from the often strict Christian values ​​can cause creative miracles?

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16.06. – Amsterdam, Melkweg (NL)
18.06. – Wiesbaden, slaughterhouse
22.-24.06. – Hurricane Festival
22.-24.06. – Southside Festival

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