The Amity Affliction, Turbinenhalle Oberhausen, 29.09.2018

the amity affliction oberhausen

As part of the tour to the current album “Misery” The Amity Affliction appeared in the Oberhausen turbine hall on. With their already sixth release, the Australians did not encounter only positive emotions. So too with me: I was initially not particularly pleased with the new style, but often causes a concert visit so that new songs can convince. So I made quite a bit hopeful on the way to Oberhausen.

The fact that Michael Wendler performed next door in the big hall led to a complete park-chaos nearby, so that I just arrived in front of the stage at the beginning of the second band of the evening. Whether it was because I was a little annoyed by the arrival and the fact that there was no decent wardrobe, may be, but Endless Heights could not really convince me. It looked as if the Australian band had not quite arrived on the tour, although singer Matt Jones was visibly trying to animate the audience. Of course, the obligatory drunken group did their best not to disappoint him. However, that moved me to the side of the crowd.

The following band The Plot in You did not seem so energetic either. Musically, however, the performance was good and there were enough fans present to keep the audience in good spirits.

I was worried that The Amity Affliction would also disappoint and the whole evening including a stressful search for a parking space was in vain, but was quickly taught otherwise. Shortly after ten o’clock the band entered the stage and that is: in a good mood! Anyone who has visited some of the band’s performances knows that frontman Joel Birch also has bad days. Today was not one of those bad days. Joel whirled across the stage, animating the audience and unpacking dance moves that would make anyone move in any way. And all within the first song “Drag the Lake” from the new album. I was positively surprised. Are not the new songs as trivial as I initially thought?

It continued with a colorful mix of old and new songs and the energetic atmosphere between band and audience was not lost for a second. Whether it was “Chasing Ghosts” from the second album or “Set Me Free” of the current record, the fans sang along loudly, again and again the pit opened, it was run, danced and crocheted. Seen from outside, this looked like a story from a metalcore show. The turbine hall 2 was really great for this concert. It was not too crowded and with so many raised podiums or balconies, everyone had the perfect space to enjoy the show. Be it girls, swinging their long hair over the parapets of the galleries, couples standing together at the edge or crowdsurfers returning to the audience, everywhere one could see contented faces. Also the sound was better than I am used to from this location.

Frontman Joel also sings in a clear voice on the new album. When the song “Feels Like I’m Dying” was announced, I was really curious if the clean vocals would work live. Compared to the shouts for effects, Birch gave his voice to the best. And besides the smooth voice of clean vocalist and bassist Ahren Stringer, this rough note was a nice change. That may also be introduced to upcoming albums. After a total of 12 songs and 2 songs as an encore, the performance was unfortunately already over. For me it is clear that the style of the new album works great in conjunction with the old songs and I will give “Misery” a second chance. Once again, it was worthwhile to visit a concert first, before you mark a change of direction of a band as bad.

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