Stick To Your Guns – True View

Stick To Your Guns are probably one of the most dominant hardcore bands these days. Hardcore that gives you goosebumps and songs that often do not really let you go and bring out strong emotions. And also his sixth studio album “True View” clearly shows this incredible energy, which runs like a red thread through the whole record.

Dramatic breakdowns, as in the already released as a single song “Married the Noise” are energetic ever. And even with “You Are Free” perfect pit conditions are set. “True View” gives rise to a contrasting mood, which is conveyed by the anger that brings Jesse Barnett to bear with his impulsive voice, but also through the clean and soulful vocals. Because the ability to simply create great emotions – that’s what makes Stick To Your Guns so special, and Jesse Barnett is there, arguably one of the most energetic front men in hardcore.

Stick To Your Guns also remain lyrical and meaningful , Critical lines like “Can not the prisoner dream to one day be free? Can not the child be plagued with disease? Can not the mother who buries her son wish to see him again? It’s echoed in me when you said “There’s no point, this is the world we’re live in,” from “Trough the Chain Link” are incredibly engaging. The last song of the album “The Reach for Me: Forgiveness of Self”, in which Jesse Barnett surprisingly holds back completely with hard elements and still could not have achieved a better conclusion, offers the possibility of a last hope.

True View is probably one of the most important hardcore albums of the year. It is exciting to see if Stick To Your Guns will be able to put the newly gained energy into their very impulsive live performances.

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