Rolo Tomassi – Time Will The And Love Will Bury It

Rolo Tomassi - Time Will The And Love Will Bury It

Music always gets interesting when involved leave their comfort zone and ignore genre boundaries and rules. Sure, that can go absolutely wrong, especially if bands then move in the direction of the trivial EDM pop, especially in less popular styles but can also be truly great. So the subgenre Mathcore drives its mischief, especially in a rather small underground scene. Bands like Marmozets and Northlane are no longer considered part of the scene these days, but have their origins in the weird riffs and chaos of Mathcore. The British band Rolo Tomassi, which is still assigned to this drawer, ventures on her latest album “Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It” a big step in the direction of straightforwardness and thus creates a thoroughly interesting work.

” Towards End “, the album intro, wafting its nearly four minutes of playing time and thus remains completely instrumental and reduced. It flows smoothly into the track “Aftermath”, which lives mainly from its atmosphere and is peppered with many shoegazigen sounds above all. So far, there is no sign of the band’s gruff past. Only in the third track shows the quintet around singer Eva Spence his originally so rough and stormy side. The following songs are a roller coaster ride of blast beats, quieter spherical passages and tricky black metal outbursts. Spence always changes from bitter high screaming to sugary singing. A prime example of this interplay is “A Flood Of Light.”

Parts such as the long piano intro in “Contretemps” or the jazzy outro in “Balacing The Dark” show why Rolo Tomassi is currently one of the most exciting bands of Mathcore. The quintet can not be put in a drawer or stopped by genre boundaries, but writes after feeling. This one goes exactly the right way. As calm and reduced as the album had begun, after 50 minutes it will be retired with “Risen”. “Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It” is black metal, shoegaze, post-rock, jazz. It’s beautiful, evil, stormy, sunny, exhausting and just damn good.

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Rolo Tomassi live 2018:

28.03. – Vienna, Chelsea (AT)
30.03. – Berlin, Music & Peace
31.03. – Hamburg, Headcrash

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