Plate Crash: Bullet For My Valentine – The Poison

The plate crash gets another nuance in versatility in issue six. Yvonne presents one of her favorite albums, “The Poison” by Bullet For My Valentine. Why the 13 tracks of the record are so great, you can read in the following lines. The view of Andrea shows that one does not necessarily have to share this view.

Thunder. Thunder storms on.

A mystical violin melody leads the listener through the intro. A guitar starts. The melody becomes louder and a shrill solo sounds. Then the intro becomes quieter … and with loud screaming “Her Voice Resides” launches the first song of “The Poison”, the album with which the Welsh metalcore band Bullet For My Valentine 2005 celebrated their breakthrough. At that time I was fourteen and in the heyday of my rebellious puberty. In addition to Vanilla Ninja and Billy Talent, it was Bullet For My Valentine in particular who awoke my interest in rocking music that was not represented in the top 20 German single charts.

Back to the album: “Her Voice Resides” , which takes the listener after the atmospheric intro into the hard part of “The Poison”, is a mixture of hard guitar riffs, screams and the unmistakable clean vocals of the charismatic front man Matt Tuck. Matt, whose dark and at the same time soft voice hit my heart for years.

“Too many times I’ve seen it, rip a hole into our friendship” he sings in the next track “4 Words (To Choke Upon) “. Disputes with friends? CD in, song on. Even today, these are just the right lyrics to vent in such a case. Then the classic follows: “Tears Do not Fall” – the song that started it all for me. The song with which I fell in love with the band. And even now – 12 years later – I still catch myself while writing to converse every single word of the lyrics. You can say what you like about Bullet For My Valentine and their musical development, but “Tears Do not Fall” is one of the Metalcore anthems that will be celebrated in ten years’ time.

That but a metalcore album can also show quite diverse, proves the catchy tune “Hit The Floor”, which consists almost exclusively of clean vocals and catchy oooh ooohs. Definitely one of the most underrated tracks on the album, but still one of my absolute favorites. An acoustic intro finally introduces the next well-known hit: “All These Things I Hate (Revolve Around Me)”, with which the band first received media attention in this country and thanks to the continuous rotation of my cousin I was not deprived.

A somewhat tougher part of the album is “Hand of Blood” and “Room 409”, where the latter, in particular, can inspire me again and again with his renewed mix of loud screams and Matt Tuck’s soulful voice. But, can you really speak of a soulful voice in a song like “Room 409” or is it the fifteen-year-old girl in love with Yvonne who just does not let me find a suitable adjective here? Even today, however, it is above all Matt’s voice that makes “The Poison” an extraordinary and all around grandiose album for me. All the more tragic that just this special voice changed after a tonsillectomy in 2007 barely noticeable but audible. Just as the following albums differentiated more and more from “The Poison”. The absolute grasp on the toilet was the attempt to build on the album “Temper Temper” with “Tears Do not Fall (Part 2)”. That the sequel did not even come close to the original track, certainly does not need to be mentioned here.

Finally, with a ballad, “The Poison” ends just as emotionally and somberly as it started – “The End”. Thanks for this great album and a significant piece of music from my adolescent emo-phase, Dear Bullet for My Valentines!

And Andrea replies:

When in 2005 “The Poison “was released by Bullet For My Valentine, my musical taste was miles away from Metal. Of course, songs like “All These Things I Hate” did not completely pass me by, but I just could not do anything with it. Now I was allowed to deal with this album again – or for the first time intensively. To anticipate that: I still can not really get excited about it.

I really gave the album a chance and the spherical intro from the violin and the guitar did not sound that bad. I also listened to the first few tracks quite well. The many changes in tempo brought too much unease into the overall picture, but the first impression was better than thought. With “Tears Don’t Fall”, of course, came the “Oh, the song I know it” moment, but otherwise set with me, unfortunately, little feelings. The only feeling that came to the fore in the course of the album was boredom. The songs did not grab me and the voice of Matt Tuck became too pensive in his vocals. The record shows some variations and you can not say that each song sounds like the other. “The End”, for example, is a nice ballad to the end of the album, but leaves behind rather a bland aftertaste of jamming. “Hit The Floor” offers a nice change between all the screaming songs.

Overall, unfortunately, no track in the musical memory got so stuck that it would make it into one of my all-time playlists. Now and then one of the classics – no problem. But on heavy rotation this album will probably never work for me.

And that sounds like this:

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