Parkway Drive – Reverence

Parkway Drive Reverence

Wind howls, a raven crowing, acoustic guitar strings ringing, and frontman Winston McCall talking in deep voices all in one first breakdown. This is how the new Parkway Drive album “Reverence”, which was released on May 4th, begins. And with the first song, “Wishing Wells,” Parkway Drive not only creates a perfect album entry, but also a perfect intro for upcoming live sets!

The Australians are known as one of the best live bands, but on “Reverence” they show that they can also convince on disk, without any distracting pyrotechnics. While the single’s release “The Void” still strongly reminds of the previous record “IRE”, the rest of the album shows that Parkway Drive are a bit more adventurous. Especially stands out here “Shadow Boxing”, which comes along with a rap part (!), Piano and choirs. While this may seem a bit chaotic and unfamiliar on first listening, it somehow makes sense. And in contrast to the modern album, the artwork on the album cover comes from the painting “The Fall of Hell of the Damned” by Peter Paul Rubens from the year 1620! And that fits very well, because the game of contrasts runs through the whole album. This is how “Absolute Power” works as an antagonist to the following song “Cementary Bloom”. The one brutal, with hard riffs and the other more focused on big melodies and with chorus in the background.

The succession of complex songs, such as “I Hope You Red”, and rather simplistic songs à la “The Void” make the record so interesting. “Reverence” ends quietly and rather untypically for Parkway Drive quietly and gently with “The Color Of Leaving”, in which Winston McCall speaks with a fragile voice about the loss of good friends. Overall, Parkway Drive showcase a wider range of their abilities and have created an album “Reverence” that is made to be played to a large audience!

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