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Touché Amoré – Stage Four

Touche Amore - Stage Four

Jeremy Bolm was fine. At least on the third album of his band Touché Amoré “Is Survived By” it seemed like the otherwise introverted singer could finally find his way into the company. If the lyrics of his band were more about sad topics like depression and feeling out of place, this time they could focus more positively. The fourth album of the post-hardcore band goes thematically back to the roots of the musicians. The main theme of the work is grief and death – to be more precise, Bolm … Continue reading

Departures – Death Touches Us …

With “Death Touches Us, From The Moment We Begin To Love,” the Scottish post-hardcore band Departures releases an emotional and personal one Studio album that tells in its ten songs of new beginnings, longing and separations. Fans of emotional hardcore should now listen!

The music of Departures is not a fast-paced hardcore and is not bursting with heavy breakdowns. The result sounds more like the daughter of current Touché Amoré albums with a lot of atmosphere, a lot of emotion … Continue reading