Pagan – Black Wash

A black album cover with an upturned, burning cross. “Black Wash” as album title. A band that refers to the English word for heath. You do not expect a happy record for the next summer holiday, but you have not heard of the band Pagan yet. However, you will not forget what awaits you in the next 11 songs and 37 minutes.

A quietly wafting intro is quickly interrupted by first screaming approaches by vocalist Nikki. And you’re right in the middle of the all-consuming stream of the Metal Rock’n’Roll hybrid. The catchiest track of the album “Death Before Disco” starts with rock’n’roll guitars, which could be expected of any fan of guitar music. If singer Nikki had not so much to worry about! So it does not stay long with the harmless sound, even death metal storms beat mercilessly on the listener. But despite all the up-and-over moments, the guitars and drums are mostly dedicated to rock, as if they make the hit quality of the band also for fans of gentler gaits understandable. “Death Before Disco” describes the balancing act of stick-hard passages and danceable, rousing rhythms perfectly anyway. Excessive overlaps with the extremely successful album “Cult Drugs” of the band Blood Command, which could inspire with a similar principle of Metal and Rock’n’Roll with strong frontwoman. However, unlike the album neighbor, “Black Wash” offers almost no clean vocals. As soon as the next Death Metal storm hits the wall, the guitars open and leave singer Nikki alone with the drums, where she desperately sings “Imitate Me”. In “Year of the Dog” sometimes the bandmates can take over the refrain and contribute a new facet. Also, “Fluorescent Snakes” opens the stage for shouts and vocals from the male ranks of the band, especially the common passages make it a lot of fun.

Very clear: Pagan close with their debut a gap that has hardly noticed so far was, but now the more aware. “Black Wash” is one of those albums that offer a very special sound and call for everlasting listening. It works both as an introduction to the harder varieties of metal, as well as a pop favorite for all those who are bored of classical metal long ago. And thus Pagan enrich the music world with a very special intermediate note.

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