Our Hollow Our Home, MTC Cologne, 09.03.2019

Our Hollow Our Home Cologne

When the up and coming metalcore band Our Hollow, Our Home on their first extensive headliner tour in Germany goes, I could not miss that of course. The five boys from Southampton appeared yesterday in the sold-out MTC club in front of a text-safe audience. Why this is exactly what the band does well on their show follows in the review.

When the lights went out, the intro of Our Hollow, Our Home was recorded and four tattooed, black-clad musicians took the stage As announced, a Metal concert was announced as expected. However, then came the lanky frontman with pulled cap and hood of a white, oversized sweater on the stage. Sweatpants and raised tennis socks rounded out the outfit. Did you start a rap battle or something like that I knew nothing about? No. Even though Connor Hallisey occasionally fell into speach between his incredibly deep shouts, made announcements and requests in the flow, and often moved like a hip hopper, I attended a 1A Metalcore show.

Our Hollow, Our Home tried to transfer the sound of their current album “In Moment // In Memory” to the stage with professional equipment and the latest instruments. Although I’m not a huge fan of over-perfection at a concert, I was impressed by the convincing and real sound the band created. The short-term failure of the song guitar after the first guitar change for “Loneshark”, one of the hit songs of the album “Hartsick”, was noticeable, but thankfully it did not hurt the overall sound.

Compared to the support or festival appearances (for example, Jera on Air) last year, the sound was much better. Furthermore, yesterday evening, the band’s energy also completely colored the mood in the audience. The fans made the most of the little space in front of the stage. So a hectic moshpit dominated the room, which formed on announcement in a Circle Pit or a Wall-Of-Death. The five musicians saw how impressed they were. Especially guitarist Josh White radiated enormous happiness. Rarely have I seen anyone enjoy so much what he does. That started immediately.

In general, the mood was friendly and positive. But it could not be otherwise after the beautiful words that Frontman Jay of Skywalker addressed to the audience earlier in the evening. The band comes from the Czech Republic and has developed their own style in hardcore. With great applause, the crowd confirmed his statement that life can often be difficult, but that the music is a problem solving problem for everyone. He also highlighted how good our scene and here national bands such as Annisokay and The Narrator are. That he should be right, proved in the aftermath disaster movie. The atmosphere was almost as good as the headliner of the rocky Berlin metal band, even though international acts are often more popular.

Said headliner filled his set with many songs from “IM // IM” and favorites of the band first album “Hartsick”. In addition to songs like “Wraiths” and “In Moment” of the new album, the never played song “Pride: Of Might & Mane” from the debut album was a highlight of the evening. No matter what track the guys played, the fans always showed themselves to be lyrics. This was particularly noticeable when the audience drowned out backing and vocals in the choir on “Speak of Sorrow”. Beautiful. In addition, it was great to see that fans could get close to the band thanks to a low stage without barriers.

With this concert, Our Hollow, Our Home showed that they have great potential and, thanks to a growing fanbase, also to play even bigger shows with appropriate mood and atmosphere. I can recommend the sympathetic Brits to any Metalcore fan and would like to attend a concert again.

Tickets for the further tour stops can be found here.

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