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A storm is breaking. A last ray of sun cuts through the valley from the cloud cover, first colorful leaves are whirled up by the light breezes, the branches of the trees waver under the gusts of wind. People have already moved to their homes. Hardly a figure is seen. It starts to drizzle, first small raindrops fall. The wind is increasing, and more and more scrub begins to whirl up. Slowly break first branches, in the river wave mountains open up, the water masses are thrown from right to left. Then the play is over as soon as it started. The sun brings out the colors of nature again, single leaves trickling down still bear witness to the primeval forest which was just making its mischief. If you were looking for a suitable visual accompaniment for “Khàpra”, the opening track of the self-titled neànder debut album, you would probably choose such or such similar images.

neànder, that’s a five-piece band from Berlin, the post-rock mixed with post-metal and doom and gets along completely without singing. Precisely for this reason, the categorization of the young group seems so difficult – someone would sing with a raised voice on the instrumentals, the music would probably baptize post-rock. If, on the other hand, the person were screaming apocalyptically, they would probably throw them in the post-Black-Metal drawer. So it remains just an instrumental mish-mash of various atmospheric and hard gaits. But what is best understood is: to paint pictures into the heads of listeners with the help of a pure atmosphere, and to rapidly change between moods even within songs. Be it euphoric or cloudy, aggressive or shallow, approachable or sublime, majestic or rowdy – the quartet transforms within fractions of a second within opposites.

Thus, they embody exactly what makes instrumental music so incredibly exciting. Since Explosions In The Sky, hardly a band has painted such beautiful landscapes in their mind’s eye, leaving such discomfort at the same time. “Neànder” may not be a huge commercial success, but hopefully it will make waves in the scene. This monster deserves it.

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