mewithoutYou – [Untitled]

mewithoutYou - Untitled

Self-knowledge can help – not just oneself. Self-knowledge can evoke change – especially in a positive sense. It is not for nothing that “self-knowledge is the first step to recovery.” But self-knowledge can also drive one’s own creativity. In the case of Aaron Weiss, she did just that. “[Untitled]” is the name of the seventh studio album by his band mewithoutYou. Weiss gives as much information about the specific contents of the record as the title says about its orientation. Nevertheless, always exactly one thing in the sometimes whispered, sometimes shouted, sometimes sung, sometimes metaphorical texts of the group on: self-reflection.

La Dispute have Spoken Word Post-Hardcore 2011 with “Wildlife” made big. At the beginning of the 2000s, mewithoutYou contributed to the development of this new direction, which combines often spoken, very emotional texts with sometimes atmospheric, sometimes erupting instrumental parts. MewithoutYou could never really build on the success of the post-hardcore band from Michigan. Perhaps the music of the quintet too rarely stood still: its sound developed over the years and numerous albums on and on. The heart-rending shouts of the early days gave way to “Pale Horses,” the group’s latest work, almost danceable, more tranquil indie instrumentals, and the whisper-lowered voice of Weiss. Also the “[Untitled] -EP”, a seven-song accompanying publication to the new album, builds mainly on these shallower and more relaxed moods. On the main work, however, this looks quite different again.

While the first single “Julia (or, ‘Holy to the LORD’ on the Bells of Horses)” completely dispensed with spoken-word vocals and one with Surrounds their spherical breaker guitars, “New Wine, New Skins” initially sounds slower, then breaks out in a high-low guitar riff. Break on Through [pt. Two] “then actually prepares a serene finish of the record with acoustic guitar and twisted background guitars. Likewise “[dormouse sighs]” embraces you with its celestial-feminine backing vocals that give the song a slightly mantraesque feel. In general, it seems that the band has rummaged in their past and old dusty sounds paired with the serenity of recent releases and new experimentalism. Is this also a process of self-reflection?

In recent years, much of Weiss’s environment has changed. He married, became a father. All this, the bearded gentleman works on the seventh album of his post-hardcore troupe in an intimate and honest way, blurs his personal experiences over and over again with large, often religious-looking metaphors. For example, the aforementioned preamble including the Bible quotation refers to George Orwell’s “1984”, “Another Head for Hydra” briefly takes the perspective of a small child. In “Tortoises All the Way Down”, the emotional high point of the album, it is then always haunting “everybody knows, son, what you’ve done”.

MewithoutYou could never disappoint in the course of their band history. But every release, every studio album impresses too much with constant advancement. On “[Untitled]”, the quintet takes a brief breather to clear the future and review the past. You can hear that. The Americans unite the strengths and facets of earlier works, thereby creating a completely free, well-balanced overall product that captivates and captivates. Self-knowledge can be so beautiful!

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