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FJØRT Couleur

If you are touring the world in concert, there are many stories to tell. One of them, which concerned me personally and the Aachen band FJØRT. What a coincidence that we sat together with this band for the interview and I could tell them this short story thus. On the occasion of the release of their third album, we had met in Cologne with David Frings (bass, vocals), Chris Hell (electric guitar, vocals) and Frank Schophaus (drums) and talked extensively about the work. In the third and last part of the interview it will be personal and above all political. I would like to tell you a little story. And last year I was at the back home festival of your colleague Casper. I had a T-shirt from you, which is why I was approached by two already drunken men. The result was a conversation in which somehow crystallized that the two you saw last year in Bielefeld live and eventually fell in the course of the following sentence: “The music they do is great, but that should be with the policy . “

On” Couleur “you can now find some political lines again and with” Raison “also a very political song. What would you like to tell such people, and what do you think of such statements in relation to your band?

David: First and foremost, I would like to speak with such people. I often hear that people with such things also pro-actively approach and address artists. I think it’s good that something like that is discussed. You are obviously a supporter of the band, that you then come to you and that appeals, is already not a bad thing – to discuss it. I would discuss such a topic but really hard. I would be interested to know what really bothers people. Are those on the sack, that we stand up for the most humane thing in the world, that we talk to each other on equal terms, that we should all be equally well? What’s wrong with that? Since I would be interested in the arguments. You do not know what the other side says then.

We have an important job. Anyone who makes music is listening to us and listening to what we do. If you talk about something like that in the circle of friends, then the amount is very small. But if I go out in Bielefeld for example now, I mean 250 people, then I have the opportunity to point out to these 250 people that they are doing very well, that many other people are much worse off and the people who are doing well , for rushing that it is the people who are bad, even worse, or they have no right to exist as a human being or be slashed at any limits. This is a very important task for us. Everyone who listens to this band should know that and take a song with them and be aware of that in certain lines. You can also isolate yourself very well, if you do not want to hear anything of it. Whenever I go to work every day, I enter the REWE market, do not turn on the TV and just live my life in front of me and have this glass jar built around me. Maybe then come through such views that you say you do not agree with that.

As a band, but we have no big political views. There are bands that are blatantly political. The only message we have is that you should be reasonable with each other and that people should not be put above others. But that is already our only principle. That is also completely normal. Every kindergartner interacts with each other. Nobody will hit the other’s back for no reason – stupidly said. The human is in itself interested in a collaboration.

That is very hard to say, but actually I would ask such people not to deal with my music then. If there are guys in our shows who do not share those basic views, then I do not want to party with them, but I’d like to discuss.

Many artists make that gum shit and keep out of everything. We do not relate to everything now. You can relate to so many positions, but when it comes to treating people unequally then that stops for me. A pity, that hits me a lot, so a story.

Chris: What’s announced with us, is really only the humanity. I would not even call that a policy. The only message is really that people should deal with each other reasonably.

David: I also do not understand what then from FJØRT moves. Our aggressiveness in music? Do we give the people the push then? For us, this is more of a valve music to process things. Dangerous. But as I said, we are an open band. We are not in favor of hitting people in front of a team. We are a band that likes to discuss and engage in dialogue. Since then I would be interested to know what exactly he because of our political view so shit. That can only be that he sees the topic “refugee policy” differently, because we express ourselves only relatively to straight. If he does not feel like it, I wish that he would feel very bad in life, to realize how important it is for others to catch one. In the same song, So “Raison” states “I do not really want to comment on this pack.” Many people, especially with regard to the AFD, are of the opinion that paying attention to the party with counter-demonstrations and protests is wrong. On the contrary, one should show her as little attention as possible. Do you represent this opinion or do you see it differently?

David: I find that imbecilic. The other means that you leave the room. If you say, “Yeah, Pegida and AFD are marching again and I’m staying at home and watching Netflix”, then I’ll hand over my Fascist habitat. I am always very happy when there is a strong countermovement. That works perfectly. In Osnabrück they were so loud that you did not hear a word about the main demo. That was grenadier. It is important to show that this is our habitat and that we are not allowed to eat it here. I am for an open culture and not for a foreclosure and that’s what I want to show with my face.

If you’re on a demo, not so many will get it. Since you can stupidly not collect a lot of Facebook thumbs or Instagram likes. You have to move to the demo, that’s often cold too. When Pegida marched in Aachen with her 50-man rally, it was uncomfortable and cold. Since you have to wear a thick jacket. Since then you are already sitting at home and doing something different. What I mean by that is that many are fighting this fight on the internet. This often has no value. But if you are on the other side and make it clear that you are against them, then that is much more direct. I think that’s very important.

It can be argued that any satirical broadcast may have pushed the AFD, but I believe that the party would have been elected anyway. The people who wanted to vote that chose it quite deliberately. They are just idiots. That will always be idiots. I really wish each one of them that they fly right on the face. They are dissatisfied with themselves. We sit here, can talk about music, our lives are cool. We would never think of blaming someone else for anything. These people are not satisfied and criticizing themselves is much more difficult than others. That’s what the story has shown – a scapegoat is always easily found. But they will never be happy. Not even if we push up all boundaries. There will always be a reason. Then suddenly the neighbor starts the barbecue on Saturday morning or so. Therefore: Do not stay at home when the people come!

There was also “Paroli” scheduled. Since we have pulled out a lot from these demos, from this spirit of the counter-demonstration. “Raison” is a bit more airy in comparison. Many have ensured that these counter-demos were super-strong and have been very involved in various areas. With “Raison” comes the feeling that we can handle this. It’s still shit, that’s why I say that one sentence in the song. Actually, I would be glad if I did not have to write a song about populism or fascism. Then we would all come out clear. That’s why this line is in there. Okay. This is a small break now, but let’s move the subject to someth
ing more positive. In January you go on a big tour to “Couleur”. What can you expect?

David: I think what we can always expect is that if you pay 17 Euros for a ticket like that, every penny we get is stuffed into it what’s going on there. We do not save on anything. Our agency has always said we are totally stupid. On the tour, we will definitely be even more exhausted than on the last one. We want that to be audiomäßig and visually the absolute blast. We’re working on that right now. What exactly happens, we do not know yet. We’re building Also like songs when we go on tour. That’s all. It is very important to us that of the people who come, after that all say that they have experienced something. Nice! Many thanks for the interview.

Of course we are looking forward to the tour like Bolle. Otherwise, the three FJØRT guys have good, clear views that you can share. Irrespective of this, however, “Couleur” was extremely successful. We’re going to throw the record over again.

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