Gulfer, Savage Hands, Sorority Noise – Weekly Review KW 9 2018 Weekly Review Number 1!

It’s finally getting warmer! Although the past week offered a lot of sunshine and was therefore allowed to increase the vitamin D budget properly, but it always remained icy cold, the next week will finally return temperatures well above zero degrees. Musically, last week’s announcement of the temporary ending of Sorority Noise did not provide much warmth, with new music by Gulfer and Savage Hands and aforementioned Sorority Noise, but tidy heartwarming music. The heat just had to come from inside. But now have a good start to the week!

Sorority Noise – YNA_AYT

Sorority Noise is closing. That announced the band around singer Cameron Boucher this week, as the emotional front man probably no longer due to his depression with the demands that are made of him and he can face himself. Previously, the quartet once again goes on US and Uk tour and now publishes with “YNA_AYT” a reissue of the success story published last year, on which the majority of the songs in acoustic, slower versions will be presented. There is also a cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Chelsea Hotel no. 2 “. These new editions are unfortunately not very innovative and take many tracks their emotional tension. For example, the overpower “No Halo”, which invites in the original only to the ball of fists, here but now rippling in front of him. Too bad, because the songs of the band are really first class. Nevertheless, we wish all the best to Boucher and the band for the future and thank you for the many great songs that you have unleashed on the world. Bye for now! (Jonas)

Savage Hands – Barely Alive

Savage Hands Barely Alive

“Barely Alive” is the name of the first musical product from Savage Hands. The American band, which originated from different predecessor groups, can probably best be assigned to the classic Metalcore. The listener will find seven pieces of music on the EP “Barely Alive”, along with six very clean-produced pieces, as well as a ballad called “Taken”. As they rattle off relatively uneventfully, the other songs catch on with respectable breakdowns and catchy riffs. Especially the loud drums prepare a lot of joy. For the big hype this will not be enough, but as a motivating music player, for example in sports, you can not go wrong with Savage Hands right now. (Melvin)

Gulfer – Dog Bless

Gulfer from the French-speaking part of Canada These bands, who have been playing their asses in the scruffy, unannounced clubs of the world for years, still receive little attention, but do not give up their passion for their band and music. The quartet shows with its second album “Dog Bless”, where it musically stands, namely at the interface between Emo, Math-Rock and Grunge and does not look so awkward. Compared to bands like Tiny Moving Parts, the band’s sound has a little less pressure and seems a bit backward, which may be due to production. Above all, he is driven by the singer’s voice, which is always raw. If the debut seemed to be too childish and impetuous in some places, then you are now stepping into a maturing process, which leads to the listener finding his way a little faster in the sound of the band. Maybe that helps the boys sometimes deserve more deserved attention. (Jonas)

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