Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Luxor Cologne, 25.03.2018

Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes, Luxor Koeln, Mar 25, 2018

Frank Carter and his rattlesnakes have been around three years for concerts where nobody stands still and regularly breaks down venues into their individual parts. Even the Cologne-based Luxor – sold out months before – was able to experience this on its own for the tour to its second record “Modern Ruin”, which had already been released in January 2017, but got away with a black eye.

The elongated club in the south of the cathedral city is not really suitable for such concerts with its sold-out shows necessary breakwater and its rather narrow dance floor, where above all the close relationship with the audience in the foreground. Carter, however, made the best of the situation with his colleagues, leaving the audience after two rather less fitting support, the pop-punk band Woes and the Stoner rockers of Demob Happy – especially the latter delivered neatly – still barely 45 Waiting for minutes, heated accordingly and energetic, the crowd was then but also after the breather. Also, the quartet seemed to be under power from the first few bars, especially Carter himself and guitarist Dean Richardson kept going forward, in and on the audience. So Frank Carter sat right at the beginning of his now already obligatory course over the audience, ran like a spider along the ceiling and left a hole in the low ceiling of the club – whether by a blow or an accident.

In Carter dominate the superlatives. Everyone has to keep their mouths shut on the emotional, quiet songs, everyone has to shut up on the harder pieces and the circle pits have to be bigger than anything the location has seen so far. Of course, the Brit with the Rattlesnakes also achieves all this. After all, he himself has almost 15 years of stage experience and just knows how to take a crowd along. The head-to-toe tattooed man impressively demonstrated this already at Rock Am Ring last year, when he had to play in front of a very small number of people, as his band’s performance had been spontaneously brought forward by almost 45 minutes. Even then, he could motivate every single person to relax. Even if the basic situation had turned out to be a lot easier for him this time, it was impressive how much the audience went along with the gentleman.

Also when at the end of the hate anthem “I Hate You” While they were all in their arms, it seemed unlikely that they would not be infected by the incredible energy that prevailed in the room. All spectators left after this attention-demanding appearance exhausted, possibly slightly bleeding, but happy the club. The Luxor itself also suffered slight injuries, but came off lightly. If Frank Carter will leave the club next time?

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Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes live 2018:

28.03. – Wiesbaden, Schlachthof (sold out!)

Photo by Jonas Horn.

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