FJØRT, Musikbunker Aachen, 03.02.2019

Fjort, Musikbunker Aachen, 03.02.2019

It has not been long since FJØRT was once the secret tip in the German Post -Hardcore counted. In the meantime, however, you hardly get past the Aachen Trio if you are seriously interested in this genre. Of course, a city could not be missing in the Rooster of the current Südwärts tour – and of course that was the hometown of the musicians. Tour conclusion was therefore on the plan and it was no less than a last, wonderful show in front of a sold-out house in Aachen music bunker can be expected. The evening started with the British We Never Learned To Live, who with their witty post-hardcore could surely win some curious listeners for themselves and their music, me for example. We Never Learned To Live were definitely nice to the bunker audience and will return to Germany in May, then with a new album in their luggage.

After a short changeover break we should return to Germany main band. FJØRT can already look back on three longplayers and therefore have enough repertoire for a proper show, which in the end also lasted more than 90 minutes. The set consisted mainly of songs of the last two albums “Couleur” and “contact”, of the former, namely eight songs were played and also contact was popular with popular pieces like “Lichterloh” and “Paroli” and four other numbers. From the debut album “D’Accord” made it only two songs in the setlist. Although every fan probably has a clear album favorite, there are hardly any fans waiting for a song at FJØRT concerts. But the band just has their own style, which is either totally super or completely rejected. Thus, the audience is loud from the second and it enjoys the evening with the band visibly, as well as the three musicians on the stage. It is an emotional show that you notice that musicians are at work here, who put a lot of craftsmanship and passion in their music and thus attract an audience, which pays tribute to this achievement.

One thing is missing Truly, the concert this evening is not, and that is loudness. Many concert goers and musicians argue that a concert may be anything, but certainly not too quiet. However, I find it at least as bad when a concert is consistently too loud – and so loud that you can not understand the announcements in the meantime, because the microphone is completely overridden or you despite hearing protection after the show once with a noise has to fight the ears. That’s a pity, because even the quiet moments are extremely beautiful at FJØRT and just the variety between roaring volume and quiet, thoughtful moments have made the band so indispensable for many fans. If the concert remains positive in its entirety, the soft tones on this evening fall into oblivion.

But that was also the case with the criticism of the Kaiserstädter’s show. Because otherwise there was absolutely nothing negative to say about this concert. FJØRT are a live hit as well as on a plate and, in addition to gifted musicians, are also sympathetic types. In times in which artists can (must) be measured by click numbers and social media calls, the down-to-earth nature of FJØRT should not go unmentioned. So bassist Kosslowski tells how they had thought on the trip from Dusseldorf, why they are so lucky, their music is so popular and they now play more often sold-out house. It all started, Kosslowski says, a few years ago two floors above the current stage. There, in the rehearsal room, the Aachen met to “just make a noise.” They never expected that they would ever play in front of such a large and enthusiastic audience, but the first fans would have made it possible, in their circles told by the band and always infected new music lovers. In addition to the visible emotion and gratitude of the band, David Kosslowski also uses the opportunity to send a clear appeal to the audience: “Give the other 100 bands that play up here in these rehearsal rooms, the openness you’ve given us. He continues to use the cultural offers and ensures that existing offers are preserved. “Finally, he also refers his statement to the music bunker Aachen, which, like so many function rooms and concert venues, must defend against angry residents and greedy investors. When he finally prophesied, “No one will ever manage to shut down these cultural cities!”, The audience supports him with enthusiastic cheers. And at that moment nobody in the room believes that the music bunker Aachen will ever close. Because it simply can not happen.

After their 13-song set, FJØRT leave the stage just to return for three encores. The crowd spends it again and takes out the last energy reserves until the band finally leaves the stage.

And that sounds like this:

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