Five Finger Death Punch & In Flames, King Pilsener Arena Oberhausen, 24.11.2017

Large co-headliner tours are in the US agenda, remaining in Germany It continues to be something special when big bands pull together through the halls. With In Flames and Five Finger Death Punch two metal greats came to Germany together and even had Of Mice and Men in their luggage. With such large but also different bands one can expect some excitement, which is the most convincing.

First of all, the entrance into the hall due to extremely reinforced security controls in the length, so that a large part of the visitors * Inside the first half of the set of Of Mice and Men missed. Already this summer the metalcore band went to several festivals – for the first time without shouter and band face Austin Carlile, who had left the band this year. Even without them, they seem to have not lost their qualities as a live band, all those already present seemed to be surprised, that the first band of the day could make so much mood. Moshpits, frenetic jubilation after each song, partly already sung along here – good to know that in January a new album will be released! The heating up had worked wonderfully once, it was time for the next band of the evening.

The Swedes of In Flames have been part of the metal greats for 27 years now. They skillfully managed to stage their melodic death metal today by taking full advantage of the arena’s rather large stage. Drummer Joe Rickard (who has only been part of the band since last year) and synthesizers were placed on two lifts, and large monitors were added. For the opener “Drained”, the band first played through a huge curtain, which covered the entire stage and was decorated with a large In Flames lettering. This looked really great because of the shallow light and directly created a very special atmosphere. But the stage presence and enthusiasm of the band did the rest, especially the old classics like “Only for the Weak”, “Take This Life” or “Alias” got great euphoria. Especially the incredibly authentic performance of the singer & shouter Anders Fridén got under the skin. Now to the light: concerts are rarely so perfectly accompanied as here. In quiet passages, the stage, including the auditorium was bathed in shallow blues or reds, sometimes the light was also completely off. Otherwise, the clock of the songs was often supported by the light, but without overdoing it completely. Also the videos, which were played on the monitors, fit perfectly to the appearance to it. For the song “Alias” finally a huge figure was lowered onto the stage, which shone through two lamps in the eyes (see article). Even for people who can not really begin with the music of In Flames , that was probably a memorable performance.

Five Finger Death Punch, König Pilsener-Arena Oberhausen , 24.11.2017

Things should be different with Five Finger Death Punch . First of all, the mood only really blossomed here, which is probably due to the musical, rather fun tone of the band in comparison to its predecessor bands. Of course, the band also knows how to deal with their audience. So fans, who had painted the red hand, the logo of the band, on the face, asked on the stage. Visibly overjoyed, they embrace singer Ivan Moody and enjoy the view of the audience. However, even the main band did not make it to get people on upper and lower ranks to get up, here was still restrained mood. Word jokes in front of almost every song à la “From this day you’ll be known as Bad Company” are then somehow a little too much, a German jersey must not necessarily be. Unfortunately, monitors and lighting effects have been dispensed with, so much of the atmosphere has been lost. Instead, a huge skull with baseball bats was hung – tastes go apart. Of course, it fits in with the attitude and portrayal of the band, the fans are also much more convinced of this appearance. Moody’s vocals can be emphasized – every single note sits. Also a big apology for the back and forth of the last months (it was often spoken of an exit) was offered! So, Five Finger Death Punch goes through a set soaked with HIts, whether “Never Enough”, “Jekyll & Hyde” or “Got Your Six”, the audience celebrated each one!

As a conclusion, one can speak of an all-round successful evening, all three bands visibly gave their Best. Opinions about the band of the evening are a bit different for and a large part of the audience, but one way or another the trip was worth it!

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Of Mice & Men, In Flames & Five Finger Death Punch live 2017:

  • Nov 29, 2017 Olympiahalle München
  • 02.12.2017 Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle Stuttgart
  • 06.12.2017 Festhalle Frankfurt am Main

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