FEVER 333 – Strength in Numb333rs

“333! 333! 333! “- Calls sound again and again from a huge crowd. A newsreader reports on the gathering of people from all nations, genders and religions. When asked what people wanted here, one of those present answered, “I want them to know there’s a motherfucking fever coming.”

And then the starting signal for “Burn It”. An album intro, which could also come from a great genre classic, so goosebumps-worthy is the entry into this work succeeded. FEVER 333, this is Jason Aaron Butler, whom most probably from letlive. Night Verses drummer Aric Improta and former The Chariot guitarist Stephen Harrison. The 3 stands for the 3rd letter of the alphabet, the three numbers of the band name for “Community, Charity & Change” and the trio works exactly with these goals, which makes the album’s common intro more suitable. From “Burn It,” the announcement is finally clear, Butler screeches, spits and roars all his wrath about the ills of society, accompanied by a wild mixture of electronic beats and post-hardcore / rock riffs. Again and again Butler gets into sprechgesang, so that the mixture is often reminiscent of a modern version of Rage Against The Machine. And of course, in 2019 such a political band will probably be needed at least as much as in the 90s. In fact, some references are clear, whether the electronic alternative parts with a penchant for the new Bring Me The Horizon or the Limp Bizkit or Linkin Park bonds – no, this exciting mix does not come completely out of nowhere. Still, it is Butler’s engaging and authentic vocals that make goose bumps suspicious. Just when you realize that the song “Prey for me / 3” is over, all of a sudden, the next breakdown burns down, while Butler screeches “You’re not the only one who feels like the onyl one”. In the following “One Of Us” a children’s choir will sound with electronic beats, just to make the song break down again, but this time to “Stand up or die on your knees”. In general, these are the songwriting components on which the album as a whole shimmies along. The main focus is on electronic beats, Butler talking-screams about the soul of the body – the lyrics are rousing and mostly political, made the choruses to sing along, as well as “Animal” of course incorporates an Oh choir. Sure, FEVER 333 want the community after all. At the same time, however, this trick is not exactly in favor of creativity. Mostly similar song structures are built, the breakdowns would probably convince even more, they would not come across in almost every song. The lyrics stand out all the more positively, when impressively emotional reports about police violence (“The Innocent”) or tells Butler stories about a childhood in precarious circumstances (“Inglewood / 3”). Since every aggressive undertone is twice as heavy in the stomach.

In the end FEVER 333 presents with their album probably no instant classic, but still a very own sound, in the year 2019 comfortably on the crossover throne can rest. Because this genre has probably been rarely recorded in recent years with so much attitude and style-consciousness as on this first-time. All the better that the values ​​of the band are implemented as impressively as with the beautiful charity project “The Walking In My Shoes” Foundation. And the songs will undoubtedly go their own way.

There’s a motherfucking fever coming – and they’ll accumulate a huge crowd. So much is clear with this strong debut album.

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