Escape The Fate – I Am Human

Escape The Fate was born in 2006 (that’s how long ago!). At that time still with Ronnie Radke at the microphone, “Situations” belongs without question to one of the emo hymns of this time. But even after the acquisition of the new singer Craig Mabbit, the band was able to bring some success, not only the genre classic “This War Is Ours” brought the band many fans. However, while the majority of those bands switched to other genres or simply disbanded, Escape The Fate stayed true to their sound – but more and more the Screamo parts had to give way to the shallower tones. Emo through and through it always remained.

So now the sixth album of the always sad contemporaries. The press release promises to date the band’s “rawest, most honest and direct” record. One inevitably expects a “Dying Is Your Latest Fashion Pt. 2 “: unfortunately no, not quite. What exactly should be so raw and direct on this album, is not very clear at first. Sometimes the guitars are very intrusive, especially in the opener “Beautifully Tragic” – yes, we have understood that you master solos. Okay, but in other places it’s just too much of a good thing, as in the cheesy ballad “I Will Make It Up To You” – it’s a bit greasy, the guitar solo at the end inevitably reminds of the biggest cuddly rock anthems any times. Unfortunately, these deeply sad pieces often fail because of the very flat lyrics (“I Am Proud To Be Me, I Am Human”) and the overblown choirs in the background. Somehow it does not matter, looks eternal yesterday and unfortunately not authentic at all. Precisely because of that, the faster songs stand out positively – even the singles “Do You Love Me” and “Empire” showed the way – the screams are fun, the guitar solos seem well used, the song is directly on. Why not the same? And then the only quiet piece that does not necessarily fall into bombast: “If Only”. Simply an acoustic guitar and Mabbits, after all, a very nice voice with a text to a deceased person – the most moving song of the album! In fact, the second half of the album forgives almost all the mistakes of the beginning. The songs go into the ear and move the Emo-Sause from 2006 to the year 2018! “Recipe for Disaster” pops like “Digging My Own Grave” in metalcore style! “Riot” then turns into classic pop punk parties (with a little more riffs). Only the Closer “Let Me Be” sounds a bit more like One Direction and Five Seconds Of Summer.

Of course, “I Am Human” is not the album of the year, but you should really try the weak one to survive (or skip) the first half, so as not to miss the really good songs of the second half. Maybe this is not always up to date or incredibly tasteful, but it’s fun and a lot of variety especially in the faster tracks. For the future you can only wish the band that they will remember something about their strengths and then really released the roughest record, because that somehow seems to stand them at their best!

And that sounds like that :

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