Enter Shikari – Live At Alexandra Palace 2 & Take To The Skies Live In Moscow

Enter Shikari - Bootleg Series 9 and 10

Since their founding in 2003, Enter has been Shikari the past 15 years not only because of their energetic live shows and thoughtful studio albums on everyone’s lips, but also for the regular output of live albums and EPs known. It’s no surprise then, that just a year and a half after the big tour to longplayer number five “The Spark”, the quartet is now releasing a complete recording of the concert from London’s Alexandra Palace as well as a show of the “Take To The Skies” anniversary tour from Russia , These two releases are in the ninth and tenth edition of the Bootleg Series, which has been running since 2009, and are therefore real gems that make every fan’s heart beat faster.

Except for a few abridged announcements, Band and Helpers here each the complete audio recordings of the concerts. On the visual Untermahlung consumers of the MP3 versions of the show of course have to do without. In the band’s own shop, however, USB sticks are available with the video recordings. Anyone who has already seen Enter Shikari live knows that the band knows how to play their songs from time to time in slightly different versions and to give their concerts a coherent setting with conclusive interludes and intro and outros. Even the music alone knows how to satisfy. The almost 2.5 hours of live event offer massively instrumental dance parts, one or the other piano version of old pieces, singalongs. The quartet has always been one of the core bands that delivers music and not just a dull break-down to break-down.

Whether the songs from the debut “Take To The Skies” are not in the right order but for that plays in whole, newer pieces such as the poppy rock anthem “Redshift” or the “Quickfire Round”, in which the band compresses four songs in eight minutes, the concert atmosphere can always be worn in the recordings, as a listener you feel rather middle in the action and less than neutral observer. Since one can also generously ignore the fact that the audience in the mix is ​​sometimes hard to hear. But it is also “only” professional bootleg recordings and not lavishly recorded live albums.

So enter Shikari with the ninth and tenth edition of their “Bootleg Series” two important and exciting concerts of their Past and offer their fans the opportunity not only to remember the evenings, but to be right in the middle. While this will not turn the world of live albums upside down and change music in its entirety, it does entertain. See you in a couple of years with run eleven.

You can buy the album “Live At Alexandra Palace 2” here.

Take To The Skies Live In Moscow “you can buy here. *

And so that sounds / looked like:

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Enter Shikari live 2019:

02.04. – Munich, Neue Theaterfabrik
03.04. – Linz, Posthof (AU)
07.04. – Dresden, Old Slaughterhouse
08.04. – Berlin, Huxley’s New World
09.04. – Leipzig, Conne Island (sold out!)
11.04. Erlangen, E-Werk
12.04. – Dortmund, FZW (sold out!)
13.04. – Cologne, Live Music Hall (sold out!)
15.04. – Wiesbaden, slaughterhouse
16.04. – Saarbruecke, Garage

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