Don Broco, The Canteen Cologne, 27.01.2019

Don Broco Cologne

It’s been a year since “Technology” appeared. For alternative rock band Don Broco, this is a good reason to go on tour again to celebrate the songs of this fantastic album with their fans. The band was also not idle and released on Friday their new song “Half Man Half God”. I could not completely convince the recording, but maybe a live performance does the rest. We will see. I am currently completely immersed in the university project stress and already had a guilty conscience to attend a concert on a Sunday evening. But why a Don Broco show is just the right thing to recharge your batteries and motivation, you read in this report.

The two Vorbands unfortunately did not manage to distract me. After all, my mood increased during the performance of the Swiss band Dreamshade. It was really fun to watch the boys storming freely across the stage performing song after song. They seemed a bit like a school band that enjoys being allowed to stand on a stage. I mean that all in all positively, because the appearance did not seem rehearsed. Many songs like “Question Everything” are packed with promising pop punk as well as metalcore elements.

In comparison, the performance of second support Emarosa was less joyful. Singer Bradley Walden came over easily in love and also the acrobatic numbers, in which he swirled his bandmates 360 ° and carried on shoulders through the audience, seemed too planned and rehearsed as that it could be understood as a spontaneous action. Musically, it has nothing to do with the Emarosa, which I still remember from the year 2010, but I still like it quite well. The now rather poppy style with lots of rock elements definitely brought a change in the evening.

Meanwhile Melvin and Jonas arrived too (Don Broco is popular with a lot of the editors) and we waited anxiously for the main act. My conscience came back, because it was already 10:30 and so I was supposed to sleep. The plan was not completely sweaty for hours to drive home through the cold and therefore just to stand on the edge and watch. Did not work. The crowd was in full swing from the first second on and the third song “Good Listener” I could no longer hold myself and went into the action.

For harder songs such as “Everybody” you can perfectly his frustration drain by lashing out with the crowd. The many Singalongs make unpleasant thoughts fall into oblivion. You realize that you are in a great fan base, at the latest when you suddenly face strangers and together sing the soul of the body. Also, the consistent jumping to songs like “Stay Ignorant” helps, not to feel alone with his problems, because in a good community, you feel directly stronger. Of course, it was also important to dance your feet sore, for example, in “Greatness.”

All this provided the perfect opportunity to let go of my stress and just enjoy the moment. How did a quiet acoustic presence of “Further” fit in there? Very good, because Don Broco managed to maintain the mood and give the audience a chance to relax for a moment to the tunes of guitarist Si Delany.

Many such peculiarities make the British appearances like this unique. Who expects a supposed guitar solo to be played by Tom Doyle on bass? In addition, the vocals of drummer Matt Donnelly contrast nicely with those of frontman Rob Damiani. Effects, keyboards, backings and cowbells are cleverly used so that they add a special touch to the songs, but by no means make them overweight.

Don Broco took up the new track “Half Man Half God” for the encore , They brought with it again any energy from the audience and I liked the song much better than on the recording. Of course, Donnelly forgives Donna that his vocals sounded a bit wrong. The band promised to work on more songs after the tour and I can now work fully motivated on my university project.

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Contributed by Lucie Kreß

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