Chiefland – Wildflowers

Almost ten years ago, bands like La Dispute and Touché Amoré, with their very own kind of post-hardcore, are transforming this genre should. In summary, this movement, which combined chanting elements and story-telling with blistering hardcore parts, was called The Wave. Meanwhile, most of the hip bands in the genre sometimes leave room for atmospheric pauses between the brutal parts – see Being As An Ocean. Chiefland from Göttingen obviously spent a lot of time listening to this giant. On “Wildflowers”, the debut of the band, diverse impressions are now linked to a very own carpet of emotions. And it’s got it!

Without much experimenting, the band throws themselves headlong into the realms that other bands have already explored for them. It is not bad that the kits are known – Chiefland fill them with a whole new life. Time and again, the band cuts the jungle of despair with small hopes of hope. Frontman Achim screams, that’s why the words get so bad under the skin, because the atmosphere is right. “Let ‘s drink our doubts, this life has more to offer than you think about”. In “Homestead Pt 1”, a retrospective is adopted in sprechgesang, which states in the end “I promise you this much, we were alright” – an arrangement that emerges only in the course of the song, story-telling at the highest level. “Fragile Feet” drives the emotional range that the band can reach to a dramatic climax. Starting with inserted “There’s Nothing Left” calls, the tune falls into fricking guitars and bubbling drum rhythms, until the phrase “I know I’m finally home” creates an almost comfortable atmosphere and tames all the instruments. But then the big drama rears up in the first place, the instrumental group works against the hopeful lyric I, until this finally beaten and only desperately brings “Do not wait for me, I will soon disappear” produces. A big movie theater. Great for a debut album! And the rest of the songs also provide food for fans of post-hardcore, because Chiefland leave nothing to be desired. “Blueprinted” works with straightforward metal riffs and evokes light architects memories, “Indian Summer” begins with a rousing chorus, “Unison” swears to cohesion and “Homestead Pt 2” is a true hymn to the concept of home – in all its possible facets. The songs never have a typical verse-chorus-stanza-chorus-structure, but move quite differently, according to the narrative aspects.

Chiefland can not hide their influences. But from all these points of reference, the band has made an impressively dense debut that is bursting with ideas and, above all, can inspire things with one of the most important elements: emotions. And they definitely deserve a place in the big post-hardcore jungle.

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Chiefland live 2019

  • 16.02.2019 Haus Spilles Düsseldorf
  • 17.02. 2019 K19 Kassel
  • 22.02.2019 Kulturfabrik Hildesheim
  • 08.03.2019 Potemkin Bar Bielefeld
  • 09.03.2019 Track 22 Münster
  • 23.03.2019 No Borders 2 Benefiz Mönchengladbach
  • 30.03.2019 Forellenhof Salzgitter
  • 06.04.2019 Juha Os Wolfsburg
  • 10.05.2019 Hüweg Essen

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