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FEVER 333 – Strength in Numb333rs

“333! 333! 333! “- Calls sound again and again from a huge crowd. A newsreader reports on the gathering of people from all nations, genders and religions. When asked what people wanted here, one of those present answered, “I want them to know there’s a motherfucking fever coming.”

And then the starting signal for “Burn It”. An album intro, which could also come from a great genre classic, so goosebumps-worthy is the entry into this work succeeded. FEVER 333, this is Jason Aaron … Continue reading

Enter Shikari – Live At Alexandra Palace 2 & Take To The Skies Live In Moscow

Enter Shikari - Bootleg Series 9 and 10

Since their founding in 2003, Enter has been Shikari the past 15 years not only because of their energetic live shows and thoughtful studio albums on everyone’s lips, but also for the regular output of live albums and EPs known. It’s no surprise then, that just a year and a half after the big tour to longplayer number five “The Spark”, the quartet is now releasing a complete recording of the concert from London’s Alexandra Palace as well as a show of the “Take To The Skies” anniversary … Continue reading

Chiefland – Wildflowers

Almost ten years ago, bands like La Dispute and Touché Amoré, with their very own kind of post-hardcore, are transforming this genre should. In summary, this movement, which combined chanting elements and story-telling with blistering hardcore parts, was called The Wave. Meanwhile, most of the hip bands in the genre sometimes leave room for atmospheric pauses between the brutal parts – see Being As An Ocean. Chiefland from Göttingen obviously spent a lot of time listening to this giant. … Continue reading

new – north

north - north

A storm is breaking. A last ray of sun cuts through the valley from the cloud cover, first colorful leaves are whirled up by the light breezes, the branches of the trees waver under the gusts of wind. People have already moved to their homes. Hardly a figure is seen. It starts to drizzle, first small raindrops fall. The wind is increasing, and more and more scrub begins to whirl up. Slowly break first branches, in the river wave mountains open up, the water masses are thrown from right … Continue reading

Black Peaks – All That Divides

Black Peaks - All That Divides

On his second album, the British post-core quartet Black Peaks unleashes their own highly inflammatory sound the focus and threatens to set the entire music scene in flames. Published in 2016, the impressive debut of Brightoner, now follows with “All That Divides” the successor to the group, which always wanders between noisy Mathcore riffs, atmospheric sound walls and hymnic choruses. The band impressively shows that even complex six-minute-songs can sound catchy.

Contributing … Continue reading

The Ocean – Phanerozoic I: Palaeozoic

The Ocean - Phanerozoic I: Palaeozoic

After countless live shows in five years, The Ocean have completed and dedicated themselves to the chapter “Pelagial” now new music. The post-metal band, which began its career in Berlin in 2000, can already look back on an extensive discography with its eight albums, most notably the last album “Pelagial” and the label Pelagic Records, with post-rock bands as God Is An Ancononaut or Sleepmakeswaves are signed, The Ocean Collective has made a name for itself. Now The Ocean are releasing … Continue reading

Napoleon – Epiphany

Already two years after the debut “Newborn Mind” the new album “Epiphany” of the melodic hardcore band Napoleon is released. The band was founded in 2011, which is why it is all the more beautiful to see that Napoleon can not be beaten and slowly make a name in the scene. With the lead single “Ignite” the guys showed that they could redefine the boundaries of the genre as usual and that it could become groovy on the album.

And so it is. The first song “Goodspeed” welcomes the listener … Continue reading