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Interview with Bury Tomorrow on “Black Flame” – Part 1!

(English Version Below) This summer, Bury Tomorrow released their current album “Black Flame” and now the band from England is on tour with it. We met with Jason Cameron (clean vocals and guitar) and Davyd Winter-Bates (bass) in Münster to talk a little bit about it. The two were very talkative and we learned a lot about the album, personal views and plans for 2019. In Part 1 of the interview, we talk, among other things, about why Germany is like a second home for Bury … Continue reading

Interview with Bury Tomorrow about “Black Flame” – Part 2!

(German Version Below) In addition to the first part of the interview we go now on the development of the band as well as influences and reflection on “Black Flame”. In addition, we find out who is mainly concerned with the setlist. You have already spoken of “The Age”. The song belongs to the rather quieter, almost commercial songs of the album. Why did you decide to go in that direction as well?

Jase: … Continue reading

Interview with Bury Tomorrow on “Black Flame” – Part 3!

(English Version Below) The third part of the interview with Bury Tomorrow Keeps the view on social media and plans for 2019 ready. In addition, Davyd and Jase make it clear that Bury Tomorrow is mostly about their fans and community. It’s certainly good that people hear all the songs before the concerts know. In the sense: what do you think of streaming providers like Spotify and co.? Curse or blessing?

Davyd: … Continue reading

Interview with Heisskalt about “Idylle” – Part 1!

Interview with Heisskalt about Idyll Part 1 Photo of Ilkay karakurt

Taking the step as a band and getting completely away from to separate his label, to renounce to a Promo agency and to offer his new record only over the own Bandshop – in addition also as a free Download – is courageous. The post-hardcore band Heisskalt has ventured on exactly this venture and their third album “Idylle”, an unconventional, rough work that does not abandon the usually critical for the band’s world view, completely self-published and recorded. However, the new release strategy … Continue reading

Interview with Heisskalt about “Idylle” – Part 2!

Interview with Heisskalt about Idyll Part 2 Photo Ilkay Karakurt

Dare to make a new start on the one hand quite nicely be uncomfortable on the other hand, but also create incredibly interesting things. Sometimes, such a realignment is not really planned, as it forces an external circumstance to change. Of course, that does not mean that the result can not be something great and unique. In the case of the past-Stuttgart hot-cold, the result is called “Idylle”. When Lucas Mayer, the group’s former bass player, leaves the band in mid-2016, it triggers a … Continue reading

Interview with Heisskalt about “Idylle” – Part 3!

Interview with Heisskalt about Idyll Part 3 Photo by Ilkay Karakurt

We already talked with Heisskalt singer Mathias Bloech the release strategy behind his band’s latest album entitled “Idyll”, the music industry and production, as well as the songwriting of the record, the third part of our interview with the band revolves around the textual level. So where does the carrot metaphor come from and why does the record have such a socio-critical focus? But now briefly to something else: When such a record appears I always find it interesting … Continue reading

Interview with Casey about “Where I Go When I Am Sleeping”!

British band Casey released their second album Where I Go When I Am Sleeping and in March is more intimate and emotional than ever. Before their concert on 4 April in Leipzig, we talked with singer Tom Weaver, among other things about the musical and personal change of the band. Nice that it worked! You’ve been traveling in Europe for a few days. How was your trip to Leipzig?

Tom: It was very stressful. We were actually … Continue reading