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That’s how the Never Say Die! Tour 2018 in Cologne!

Last Friday, the Never Say Die! Join this year’s 7 bands with their fans in Cologne to start the weekend together. On this very special tour, which has been taking place for 11 years, international friendships are made and newcomers share a stage with audience favorites. How this expresses and affects the atmosphere, you read in the following report.

In order not to miss anything from the concert, it meant for me to finish work early and drive across the Ruhr to Cologne. Luckily, … Continue reading

That’s how the Highfield Festival 2017 was!

Highfield Festival 2017

The Highfield Festival is located near Leipzig on a peninsula facing a lake – the Störmthaler See – protrudes. This year, from 18 to 20 August, the festival’s organizers drew nearly 35,000 visitors to this island, where they appeared on two slightly staggered stages – the Blue and the Green Stage – including Die Toten Hosen, Kraftklub and Casper. We were on site and were able to look at a number of bands and conditions such as camping, food, environment and sound in front of the stages. … Continue reading