Bullet for my Valentine – Gravity

Bullet for my Valentine is unlikely to rest on past successes, says singer Matthew Tuck. The goal for Gravity is clear: the headliner slot for the legendary Download Festival. A step forward. For this, old habits were dropped, new sounds integrated, an uncomplicated but exciting album created. So many, big statements for a sixth album must first be musically justified. The last works “Temper Temper” and “Venom” were not considered critics favorites and were also smiled at by Metalheads. In what style is the Welsh band developing? Is it really a move forward? Or the same album again?

The opener “Leap of Faith”, whose verses are riddled with intricate drum patterns and far from classic bullet for my Valentine song structures, sounds promising. In the last bridge even chic gang shouts sound, as they are currently popular in modern hardcore – not a bad entry and definitely not a typical bullet song. As euphoric as letting this song look forward, the following three songs, “Over It”, “Letting You Go” and “Not Dead Yet”, all disappoint you Found a band. But no, that’s not how the whole album works, only “Piece of Me” can be counted to this typical sound. Otherwise, Bullet for my Valentine fulfill their own prophecy – and sound like stadium rock. Thus, in “The Very Last Time” almost no instruments to hear, Matthew Tuck may sing for the first time in front of real-world pop rhythms. Even with synthesizers is working and not bad! The song “Under Again” is different again, offering again exciting drums and working with choirs and a harder chorus. So you can actually imagine a more modern version of the Welsh band. At the end, two very dissimilar songs are offered. “Do not Need You” jumps straight ahead and actually offers screams! They are almost completely lost on this album and give way to clean clean vocals. Too bad, because this song is definitely well done and belongs to the strongest of the album. In return, the obligatory ballad, which this time is called “Breathe Underwater” and is actually presented in the Acoustic Garb (for Bullet Neuland!), Acts as Closer. It does not get too cheesy here, instead it stays pretty raw and therefore provides some goosebumps potential!

Bullet for my Valentine set big goals with this album. Whether they will achieve this, remains questionable, but the work may not be modern or hip enough. But in fact, more exciting than the last two albums it has actually become, new facets such as synthesizers or more electronic approaches is made room – and the band is not so bad. Unfortunately, the really big hits are missing, but that may well be something, with the next big bullet hype! Especially the live performance should convince for a headliner slot of course and there the band offers several samples in the fall!

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Bullet for my Valentine live 2018:

30/06/2018 – Vainstream Rockfest, Muenster
24.10.2018 – Columbiahalle, Berlin
26.10.2018 – Jahrhunderthalle, Frankfurt
27.10.2018 – Palladium, Cologne
28.10.2018 – Zenith, Munich
03.11.2018 – Haus Auensee, Leipzig

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