Beartooth – Disease

Beartooth - Disease

Whether Avicii, Scott Hutchinson of the Frightened Rabbits or Demba Nabé of Seeed. Also in 2018, the list of musicians who presumably lost their life-long fight to suicide is way too long; especially in the arts sector, the depression rate seems immense. All the more important are the voices that address these issues and thus contribute a great deal to the enlightenment.

It is probably no big secret that Beartooth front man Caleb Shomo also has to struggle with depression over and over again; after all, this theme is a common thread in all Beartooth releases. So it should come as no surprise that even “disease” just not cancer or other diseases, just called depression. Under this thematic screen, the Metalcore band offers 12 songs, which penetrate into new areas, but also use a lot of typical Trademark sound. With the opener “Greatness or Death” you are first thrown into the cold water, all instruments start to storm and Shomo complains in the usual dramatic lyrics. In the refrain, the band unpacks the big sing-along anthems, the last bridge presents a real Metalcore board. Ready is the next big Beartooth hit. Also “Disease” may have appeared on the last albums, this time, however, the rather quieter way of playing is unpacked, which focuses on melody and also likes to install oh-oh choirs; “Fire” is faster, but otherwise used as well. With “You Never Know” follows the first track, which offers something new, the guitar is particularly fast, the chorus reminds rather of alternative than Metalcore. “Bad Listener” then surprises with a jump in a completely different direction and is probably the hardest track that the band has released so far. For once, this is not about mental issues, but, as with “Rock is Dead”, the relevance of the alternative genre. “Enemy” incorporates guitars that sound surprisingly classic rock, “Believe” actually became a kind of fast pop punk song. In many songs just the little things convince, so “Infection” is led by a really great drum group.

Beartooth just know what a Metalcore hit should look like – every single one of the 12 tracks will be followed the first round. Also the third album goes the usual catchy way and surprises even with some experiments. The fact that depression is treated thematically throughout also makes “Disease” a very important educational album. Because looking the way is 2018 no longer an option – only the open discourse will help here. And when thousands are in their arms and passionately groaning along with the lyrics of this powerful Metalcore album, the cohesion is probably the biggest middle finger in the direction of the dark demons in their heads.

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