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A storm is breaking. A last ray of sun cuts through the valley from the cloud cover, first colorful leaves are whirled up by the light breezes, the branches of the trees waver under the gusts of wind. People have already moved to their homes. Hardly a figure is seen. It starts to drizzle, first small raindrops fall. The wind is increasing, and more and more scrub begins to whirl up. Slowly break first branches, in the river wave mountains open up, the water masses are thrown from right … Continue reading

That’s how the Never Say Die! Tour 2018 in Cologne!

Last Friday, the Never Say Die! Join this year’s 7 bands with their fans in Cologne to start the weekend together. On this very special tour, which has been taking place for 11 years, international friendships are made and newcomers share a stage with audience favorites. How this expresses and affects the atmosphere, you read in the following report.

In order not to miss anything from the concert, it meant for me to finish work early and drive across the Ruhr to Cologne. Luckily, … Continue reading

Our Hollow Our Home, MTC Cologne, 09.03.2019

Our Hollow Our Home Cologne

When the up and coming metalcore band Our Hollow, Our Home on their first extensive headliner tour in Germany goes, I could not miss that of course. The five boys from Southampton appeared yesterday in the sold-out MTC club in front of a text-safe audience. Why this is exactly what the band does well on their show follows in the review.

When the lights went out, the intro of Our Hollow, Our Home was recorded and four tattooed, black-clad musicians took the stage As announced, a … Continue reading

Vennart, Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld Cologne, 12.11.2018

Vennart, Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld Koeln, 12.11.2018

Mike Vennart stands under the large arched ceiling of Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld while a few meters above him trains and freight cars pass at breakneck speed. Of that you get in the stuffy room below the train tracks with nothing. However, one thing that is hard to miss is the gray-haired gentleman, who stands on the stage with his three colleagues at the end of the half-sold-out space and conjures up spellbound songs from the sleeve of his cheetah shirt sleeve in an impressive manner none … Continue reading

Interview with Bury Tomorrow on “Black Flame” – Part 1!

(English Version Below) This summer, Bury Tomorrow released their current album “Black Flame” and now the band from England is on tour with it. We met with Jason Cameron (clean vocals and guitar) and Davyd Winter-Bates (bass) in Münster to talk a little bit about it. The two were very talkative and we learned a lot about the album, personal views and plans for 2019. In Part 1 of the interview, we talk, among other things, about why Germany is like a second home for Bury … Continue reading

Listener, Club Subway Cologne, 13.11.2018

Listener, Club Subway Koeln, 13.11.2018

There are artists who are damned good because of their genre history and rather untypical music but will probably never find their way out of the clubs. If you visit a lot of club concerts, you will occasionally come across such bands – of course, many acts drive it relatively fast from the small shops into the halls and some are also technically just not good or too much reminiscent of the pabulum that certain genres offer, that they understandably will die in the dirty bars and cellar … Continue reading

Bury Tomorrow, Sputnikhalle Münster, 24.11.2018

“You’re going to a Bury Tomorrow concert again?” I’ve been asked that question again and again in disbelief for years. But yes, I was back at a concert of my favorite band. For a good reason, a Bury Tomorrow concert is all about being yourself, fun and friendship. That’s what I promised myself from the show of the “Black Flame Tour” last Saturday in Münster. Unfortunately, this time it was not that easy to enjoy the performance as usual.

The fact that the Sputnikhalle is very narrow … Continue reading