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Interview with FJØRT about “Couleur” – Part 1!

Interview with FJØRT about Couleur Part 1

“Kontakt” raised the post-hardcore band FJØRT from Aachen at the beginning of 2016 from the underground into the mainstream. Not even two years later, David Frings (bass, vocals), Chris Hell (electric guitar, vocals) and Frank Schophaus (drums) with “Couleur” are already releasing the sequel to the breakthrough work. Astonishingly fast, that was all, amazingly raw and honest, the record sounds like it too. We met with the band in Cologne in the office of their promo agency Fleet Union to … Continue reading

Enter Shikari on tour in Germany with “The Spark”

Enter Shikari

In September Enter Shikari had their new one with “The Spark” Album released and musically surprised everyone with their change of style (we reported).

Next month the time has finally come and the British will present their new songs live on stage. Included: Lower Than Atlantis and Astroid Boys !

What makes it so special? In our interview, vocalist Rou Reynolds and drummer Rob Rolfe revealed that they plan to bring … Continue reading

Stick To Your Guns – True View

Stick To Your Guns are probably one of the most dominant hardcore bands these days. Hardcore that gives you goosebumps and songs that often do not really let you go and bring out strong emotions. And also his sixth studio album “True View” clearly shows this incredible energy, which runs like a red thread through the whole record.

Dramatic breakdowns, as in the already released as a single song “Married the Noise” are energetic ever. And even with “You Are Free” perfect pit conditions … Continue reading

Interview with FJØRT about “Couleur” – Part 2!

Interview with FJØRT about Couleur Part 2

We met last week with David Frings (bass, vocals ), Chris Hell (electric guitar, vocals) and Frank Schophaus (drums) of FJØRT, one of the biggest and most exciting German post-hardcore bands, and had an interesting conversation with the three sympathetic gentlemen, who were especially interested in their new, already third panel “Couleur” turned. In the second part of our extensive interview, the trio told us one or the other detail about the recording process of the work. … Continue reading

Interview with FJØRT about “Couleur” – Part 3!

FJØRT Couleur

If you are touring the world in concert, there are many stories to tell. One of them, which concerned me personally and the Aachen band FJØRT. What a coincidence that we sat together with this band for the interview and I could tell them this short story thus. On the occasion of the release of their third album, we had met in Cologne with David Frings (bass, vocals), Chris Hell (electric guitar, vocals) and Frank Schophaus (drums) and talked extensively about the work. In the third and … Continue reading

Interview with Enter Shikari about “The Spark”!

At the Mini-Rock-Festival on 05.08.2017 we met Rou Reynolds (vocals) and Rob Rolfe (Drummer) composed by Enter Shikari and chatted about her musical changes on the new album “The Spark”, which will be released on September 22. We’re here today Mini Rock Festival with Rob and Rou by Enter Shikari. Thanks for taking the time for us!

Rob & Rou: Gladly! This week you have yours … Continue reading

Five Finger Death Punch & In Flames, King Pilsener Arena Oberhausen, 24.11.2017

Large co-headliner tours are in the US agenda, remaining in Germany It continues to be something special when big bands pull together through the halls. With In Flames and Five Finger Death Punch two metal greats came to Germany together and even had Of Mice and Men in their luggage. With such large but also different bands one can expect some excitement, which is the most convincing.

First of all, the entrance into the hall … Continue reading