Architects, Mitsubishi Electric Hall Dusseldorf, 10.01.2019

Architects, Mitsubishi Electric Hall Duesseldorf, 10.01.2019

The concert by Architects last Thursday evening started for me Concert year 2019. And what did I look forward to: After initial teething problems with the latest architects’ longplayer “Holy Hell”, the record now rotates up and down. Not even the rather mediocre and rather soulless Mitsubishi Electric Hall could dampen my mood. But first it was time to start with the Vorbands.

First of all, this was Polaris, a metalcore band from Sydney, who had traveled the long way across the pond and now are the first to fire up here in Düsseldorf allowed. The band was completely unknown to me except for a short listening, but our author Lucie has been a fan for a long time and suggestions from this direction often quite unerringly meet my taste (Of course Lucie also likes the British hardcore band Polar, so it is also very confusing for I stay). And she should be right – Polaris did me a pretty good job, especially the guitarist impressed with technical skill and great skills, so I’ll definitely listen again. And the audience was already very active – including a big Wall of Death. Some people already refer to Polaris as the big next thing, so it’s probably still going to be there, but potential is there anyway. The second was Beartooth, who have meanwhile earned a respectable audience and since 2016 have been steadily growing. Contributing to this are catchy pieces such as “Hated” or “Disease” and the punkige attitude of the Americans that also arrives well at the Dusseldorf audience on this evening. Personally, this is a bit too little for the more demanding Polaris, but I fully understand why the band is becoming ever more popular. “In Between” still sounds like Simple Plan for angry people.

After the next break, the main act entered the stage. When I started listening to Metalcore, the architects were just marginal and far from being on par with the biggest metalcore bands. Meanwhile, they have become an indispensable grouping in this genre, who wants to hear high-quality Metalcore in 2019, can not ignore the Architects. Even though the market has been looking a bit over-saturated for some time now, the band from Brighton has put one exclamation mark after the other with the last three albums and won them over again and again. There are a lot of songs from the last two albums in Düsseldorf this evening. Of course, the focus of the “Holy Hell” tour is on the new longplayer of the same name. With “Death Is Not Defeat”, “Modern Misery”, “Holy Hell”, “Royal Beggars” and “Mortal After All” there are six songs from the new album in the first part of the set. The fact that the architects now also use hard hardcore grooves more intensively becomes live once again. While the sound has become catchier with clean vocals and strings, the new songs have an unprecedented level of harshness and aggression, which lifts the mood especially live – in and around Moshpits. Otherwise, the setting around the musicians has become so big that you do not even know where to look. Fog here, a fire fountain there, the elaborate light show, visuals on the screen in the background and at the same time watch the musicians and sing along – who wants to get everything, must be careful at all times. At first glance, perhaps a bit overloaded, the show seems very harmonious and the production size and quality meanwhile clearly indicates that the Architects have arrived in Metalcore-Olymp.

Of the musical abilities and the live performance is the British band still a punch, even if the sound at the beginning can not really convince. But the Mitsubishi Electric hall has never been known for great sound. From the middle part of the show, the crew seems to get better and better at the conditions. The only song of the previous albums is waiting here with “These Colors Do not Run”, only three pieces from the 2014 work “Lost Forever // Lost Together” have made it into the setlist. The rest of the previous discography is completely ignored. Personally, that is quite right, I did not really get to know the Architects until 2014, but fans of the first hour should be prepared for it. Of course, in this set “Gone With the Wind” as a dedication for the deceased in 2016 guitarist Tom Searle may not be missing. The band has a Moving history behind and nibbling, it still gives the impression of the loss of her beloved band member. If you look at the quality that Architects have delivered on their latest album, music seems to have been a good choice as a way of processing – for the band to watch the fun on the stage and for the fans who are

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Entry photo by Jonas Horn.

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